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To find out when a comedian is added to our calendar, use the following format for the RSS feed:

Copy the above feed URL and replace "firstname" and "lastname" with the first and last names of the comedian.

For example, here are the RSS feeds for Jim Gaffigan and Robin Williams:


What's an RSS feed?

RSS (real simple syndication) is a tool that was designed so that users will automatically be informed about new updates to a web site without having to actually visit the site every day. Without having to give out your email address or visit a website, you can find out about updates through a program or web site that gathers and sorts RSS feeds. To learn more about RSS, read Feed 101 at Feedburner.com. A couple popular RSS readers include Google Reader and Bloglines.

Here is a video called "RSS in Plain English" that explains the basics of RSS in a simple and easy to follow style: