5 Ways that Evernote Will Make You a Better Comedian

May 11th, 2012 | San Francisco Comedy

by Chad Lehrman

I was talking with a few comedians the other day and was surprised to find that none of them had heard of Evernote. evernote logo

Evernote is basically a comedian’s best friend. Their slogan is “remember everything.”

As a comedian, it’s extremely important to record your thoughts and ideas while they’re still fresh in your mind. Evernote is a great (and free) tool for capturing those thoughts, whether they are in the form of text, audio, a photograph, whatever. Anything you need to remember syncs between your computer and phone, so your notes are always with you.

Here are five ways that Evernote will make your life easier as a comedian. By the way, I realize Evernote is not the only tool like this out there, but I happen to think it’s the best one available. If you’re using something else that you love, let us know in the comments.

Be More Prolific

Do you come up with brilliant new premises and then forget them five minutes later? No matter where you are, enter your ideas in Evernote. The next day when you can’t remember what the heck your idea was, you don’t need to go on a scavenger hunt searching through all the wadded-up pieces of paper you’ve got laying around.

Get Organized

Since Evernote doesn’t limit how much you can store, you can keep literally every thing you’ve ever written in one place. Take advantage of the great search capabilities by adding tags to your notes. For example, let’s say you’ve written 30 jokes about Barack Obama. You can create a tag called “Obama” and add it to each note. The next time you get booked for a politically-themed show, just click on the Obama tag and there’s a handy list of all your jokes about President Obama.

Collaborate With Other Comics

Create a shared note and send the link to other comics you want to write with. You can give feedback on each other’s material or work together on sketches, screenplays, etc.

Create an Online Press Kit

If you don’t have your own website, you can even use a public notebook in Evernote to create a free online press kit. Here’s a quick example using San Francisco comedian Ben Feldman. If you need to send a booker your bio, headshot, etc, all you need to do is send them one link.

Keep Track of Set Lists

Evernote offers an easy way to create and save set lists. If you can’t remember which jokes you told at a show last week, just find the set list from that date. You can also come back to the list after the show to jot down ideas to make your jokes better.

So there you have five examples of how Evernote will make you a better comedian. There are tons more ways you can utilize Evernote in your comedy career. Once you start using it, you’ll see that the possibilities are endless.

If you’re overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin, check out this Evernote guide to getting started. I also recommend this collection of posts about how to get the most out of Evernote.

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4 Responses to “5 Ways that Evernote Will Make You a Better Comedian”

  1. 27 Things Comedians Should See This Week Says:

    […] 5 Ways Evernote Will Make You a Better Comedian (thanks to Chad Lehrman for this link) […]

  2. Odinaka Says:

    Great ideas man! I personally can’t live w/ out Evernote. I often do multiple sets a night here in the Chicago scene and I record every set in a note that also has a corresponding set list. Helps a ton when I’m working on a new joke and want to track it’s progress from venue to venue during the course of a few days. And like you said the search feature is awesome so whenever I wanna pull up a random recorded rambling they’re pretty easy to find.

  3. Cliff Yates Says:

    I love evernote!!!, I use it all the time, as a working cop on the streets of Los Angeles and also a stand up comedian, evernote helps me balance both worlds!!

  4. kevin hughes Says:

    Great help.
    It’s nice to find out that the things that I need advice about, are similar needs of other comedians. The advice sounds great. I use the microphone option on my galaxy phone, and I just ramble for several minutes at a time, and then listen back for the best excerpts from any given ramble. I feel both ready, and terrified at the same time.

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