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March 20th, 2008 | Interviews, San Francisco Comedy

By Sean Keane

Rich Vos

New Jersey’s Rich Vos is performing at Punchline Comedy Club from March 18-22, with Becky Donohue and Sal Calanni. He was on the first and third seasons of Last Comic Standing, appeared on Comedy Central’s Premium Blend and Tough Crowd With Colin Quinn, and had his own Comedy Central Presents special. Currently, Vos is a regular on the Opie and Anthony show.

SF First off, congratulations on being a father.

Becoming? Do you mean the 17-year-old, the 15-year-old, or the seven-month-old.

SF I meant the seven-month-old. How’s it going with the baby?

My wife (Bonnie McFarlane) is a comic. She does the dirty work, and I get to just show her off. I change diapers now and then. I don’t feed her. She’s a cute little baby.

SF Is it hard, working in standup, when you’ve got a little baby?

No, most of the time, my wife and I work together. I’m never away for more than five days. I’m not a 2-3 week guy. We go out on the road together.

SF Did you ever work together before you got together?

No, never before we got married. We met, we fooled around for a while, and then later we got married.

(Bonnie: You don’t have to tell him that much!)

Do you know who my wife is?

SF Yeah, I’ve seen some of her clips, and I’ve read a few things she wrote for Shecky Magazine. I liked the one she wrote about trying to hire a stripper to accompany her standup act.

(to Bonnie): See, he knows you.

(Bonnie: He didn’t say, “I think she’s funny”.)

(to Bonnie): If he’s reading your stuff, he thinks you’re funny.

SF For the record, I think she’s funny.

(to Bonnie) See? Sorry, she’s making fucking mashed potatoes.

SF How do you like performing at the Punchline?

I fucking love San Francisco. I went to San Francisco for my first honeymoon, and performed at the Holy City Zoo, 18 years ago. I fucking love the Punchline. It’s in my top two of favorite comedy clubs, if not the top. It’s that one and Caroline’s.

San Francisco is a good city. It’s got good food, good shopping. I don’t drink or use drugs, so there’s a lot of free time, and that kind of stuff fills the void.

(At this point, we embark on a digression about whether Vos needs to rent a car for San Francisco.)

SF I saw that you were the first white comic to perform on Def Comedy Jam.

Well, that was many years ago. You can only hold the white man down for so long.

SF Do you think there’s something about you that makes you able to perform for any kind of audience?

I grew up in a mixed neighborhood. It was mixed, but mostly black. Good comedy comes from life experience, and audiences can sense that you know what you’re talking about. I’ve been through more shit than a lot of comics. But, I prefer an audience that’s mixed. More people to smash, you know?

SF As you’ve gotten more TV appearances and raised your profile, have you considered doing any more acting?

Not at all. I stink. Are you kidding?

SF (Laughing) OK.

Is this a fake interview? Am I getting punk’d?

(We embark on a digression where I assure Vos that I’m not a fake interviewer; just an awkward one.)

OK. You know Opie and Anthony? They did a whole thing making fun of my acting. Anyway, no acting. My main goal is comedy. Anything else, if it happens, it happens.

SF Do you have anything else in the works?

This week, I’m going to try to record an album. If I get the right set, I might turn it into a CD. I’ve been trying to do it off and on for a year. It’s the right size club, and a good crowd. We’ll see.

SF Thanks for talking to us.

No problem. Make this thing funny, OK?

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  1. Doug Dekoven Says:

    I think it’s funny how he is “acting black” at the def comedy jam, but usually that is not his demeanor. I guess ya gotta always “play da crowd” or “change your act so that you can conform to the demographic.”. I’m a big fan though.

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